Membership is awarded by the Board of Directors and shall be three types:

  1. Honorary membership:is awarded by the Society Board in recognition of outstanding services to the Society. Individuals who have been awarded this accolade include founder members of the Society. The rights of honorary members are: membership for life, complimentary registration for Society annual meeting, complimentary gala dinner tickets for member and accompanying person, and award announced at General Assembly meeting.
  2. Active membership: Required by:
    • This membership is open to all Researchers or related in the field of life sciences.
    • A member has to pay the annual membership fee (200 SR annually).
    • Has to be accepted by the Society Board.
  3. Associate membership: Enjoyed by: This membership is available to allied non-M.D. or non-Ph.D. professionals who have an interest in life sciences. This category is especially appropriate for:
    • Undergraduates in the field of life sciences.
    • Workers and those interested in the life sciences who do not meet the qualification requirement specified for active membership.
    • Associate member pays 50% of the active annual membership dues.